Welcome to MESA at UC Riverside!

As part of one of the country's most innovative and successful academic programs, the UCR MESA Schools Program works with hundreds of educationally disadvantaged students from the Inland Empire and helps them excel in math and science and encourages them to graduate with math-based degrees.

UCR MESA Mission

Since its establishment in 1999, the mission of the MESA Schools Program (MSP) at UCR has been to assists and support students at middle schools and high schools (including some elementary schools) excel in math and science and become competitively eligible for the most rigorous colleges and universities. The MESA Schools Program partners with teachers, administrators, school district officials and industry representatives to provide this effective academic enrichment model. Students are selected to participate in the MESA Schools Program through a process that involves teachers at participating schools and locally-based MESA personnel.

MESA Deliverables

  • Support students in becoming effective math and science learners and inspiring them to actively pursue academic excellence and higher education
  • Assist parents in becoming more effective supporters of their child’s pursuit of academic excellence
  • Support the professional development of math and science teachers by focusing on areas of engagement that are directly linked to improving student and school performance.